Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1639 Workflows and 211 Themes.

Random Workflows

Microsoft Todo
Create tasks and lists in Microsoft ToDo
Chrome Bookmarks
Chrome/Canary/Chromium bookmarks search workflow for Alfred
Audio Hijack 3 Session Record
This Workflow helps to start or stop a session record in Audio Hijack 3
Emoji Finder
Find relevant emoji from text
Netatmo weather station and thermostat

New Workflows

Remove plain background from images using the removebg API.
Hotcorners toggle
Toggle hotcorners
Kill the desired port
Emoji Wine
Find the most refined emojis
Ask ChatGPT from anywhere while typing

Random Themes

Deep Orange Large
Light theme with orange text and green highlightning.
Inspired on Palenight theme for VSCode ...
Better Yosemite Spotlight
Yosemite spotlight for power users!
minimalistic theme inspired by so many others but with emphasis on simplicity. only three neutral levels of grey: 16, 96...
A revamp of the *beautiful* **dark** and *transparent* SmokeHUD. Designed to work with all background colors and...

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