Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1486 Workflows and 202 Themes.

Random Workflows

Web Server
Easily start a web server and add files to it.
Edit Bear notes in Typora
Submit a notification to your Mac
File Creator
Creates files using pre-specified types/templates, and grows as you go. Current types (.txt, .doc, .csv...
Jump Desktop
Open the specified server in Jump Desktop

New Workflows

Pandoc Suite for Academic Writing in Markdown
Cite in Pandoc Markdown and convert it into .docs, .pdf, or .html with proper citations &...
Manage virtual MFA devices
Easy way to get your Google Authenticator OTP
LaunchDarkly Documentation
Community supported workflow which allows you to search LaunchDarkly documentation.
Yet another Alfred Pycharm Workflow (YAAPW)
Access your recent or opened Pycharm projects.

Random Themes

Seafoam Blue
Transparent Turquoises layered.  With blue accents.
Mostly Transparent
A theme to test the website functionality. The theme is, as its name implies, mostly transparent...
Azure is a beautiful white-blue theme focused on providing a crisp modern feeling.  
Manchester United
A theme based on Manchester United colors.
Lookfar Solarized Light
Inspired by Ethan Schoonover's Solarized system, Lookfar Solarized Light is a minimal...

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