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Random Workflows

A better Snippet, support text extension
Mail Interface Management
A few scripts for managing Apple Mail
Swift Evolution Proposals
An Alfred workflow for looking up Swift evolution proposals. Written in Swift, of course.
Laser SSH
Choose SSH connection from filterable list
Cocoapods Search
A simple workflow for searching CocoaPods

New Workflows

Looking to grow your business? Customize your packaging to catch customer attention and make a lasting impression.
Filer for Asana
Quickly creates Asana tasks
uptime viewer - as simple as it get workflow
Chromium based browser workflow for Alfred 4
OpenAI helpers
Uses OpenAI to do multiple things

Random Themes

A simple teal theme
  Bright but pastel mellow neon colours, inspired by Inherent Vice, &c.   
Philadelphia Phillies
The Philadelphia Phillies team colors, their own brand of red, white and blue.
Tales from the loop — Reload
Background/art by Simon Stålenhag http://www.simonstalenhag.se/bilderbig/...
Raycast Light
An Alfred theme based on the design of Raycast, which looks natural and fits right in with MacOS.

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