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Random Workflows

Number System Converter
Screencapture Enhancer
Workflow to enhance OS X screencapture capabilities, particularly with the option to capture _last...
PHP interpreter
Use Php interpreter directly from alfred.
Mail Read
Mark all unread Mail as read
The workflow helps you to search on linggle.com and display the top 10 search results

New Workflows

DevOps Repository Search
Quickly navigate to DevOps repositories in Alfred 3.
Slack Status Set
Sets Status in Slack (DND & more)
An Alfred workflow for quickly use music in Apple Music
Converts SVG files to PPT for shape usage in Keynote & PowerPoint
Search Ant Design documentation

Random Themes

Material Design (Dark) for v3
My first theme, inspired by Material Design's Cool Gray palette. Follows all M.D....
A simple teal theme
transparent theme with a soft, vintage feel to it. easy on the eyes
Paper (v3)
This theme is a fork of Paper (v2), by Florian Pircher.  This updated version features slightly wider...
1944 Mustang
Soft and clean

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