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Search your bookmarks

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10 Mar 2020


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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This is a workflow for searching your bookmarks on

  • Trigger it by typing r in Alfred, and then type to search your bookmarks
  • Select a bookmark and press enter to open it in your web browser (with multi-browser support, see below)
  • Hold down the cmd-key while a bookmark is selected to view it's URL
  • Press enter before you have started to type your search query to open itself in your browser.
  • Hold the option-key while pressing enter, or use cmd+c to copy the URL instead of opening it in a browser.
  • If you are not authenticated to when you initiate the workflow, the authentication process will start automatically
  • Go to the "Search" workflow in the Alfred preferences and look in the top left corner if you want to add a keyboard shortcut for going directly to the search in Alfred.

One special thing with this workflow is that it detects if the topmost window is a browser window, and then opens your bookmark in that browser. So, if you are currently working in Firefox, your bookmark will open in a new tab there, and if you are currently working in Safari, or in Chrome, the bookmark will open there instead. If the topmost application is not a browser, the bookmark will be opened in your default browser.

This makes this extension perfect for those who use more than one browser. You can always open bookmarks in the exact same way, and still have them displayed in the browser you are currently using.

The supported browsers are: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Chrome Canary, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, Safari Technology Preview and Seamonkey (Why Seamonkey? Yeah, good question, but it's there anyway) Other browsers that you might use (whatever that would be?) will simply not be detected as a browser, and the search results will show up in your default browser. (You could add another browser to the Workflow yourself of course, if you would want to)