Copy/Move To

An Alfred Workflow

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A easy to expand copy/move to command in the Alfred browser.

Last Updated

05 Jan 2015


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Copy/Move To

This workflow starts with a "Add Directory to Copy/Move locations..." File Action to create a list of directories to use as targets for a copy/move operation. If actioned on a file, the directory of the file is saved. When you save a directory, it will ask for an alias for it. That name is what will be displayed to the user.

Once you have a list, you can use "copy to..." or "move to..." file actions to move or copy files to a previously saved directory.

The keyword "cm:fav" is used to view saved directories, remove one, go to one in Alfred Browser, open in Finder, or open in your choice of terminal program. I use it as a shortcut to my most used directories as well.

Just added the keyword "cm:reset" to clear out the data files. A "Reset" for messed up files.