Beta is currently in an open beta period. Everything should be functioning, but some things might not function perfectly. Please, do submit your Workflows and your Themes, and do download what's here. Do look around. And take a peek at this link: Packal Workflow.

If anything seems to go awry, then send an email to rice [at] shawnrice [dot] org, and let me know.

A few things to note:

(1) If you use the search on the main page, then you'll search everything, including the "tags." Applications are considered tags as are webservices. These tags are created automatically when someone enters them when submitting a Workflow, but they don't have the options to add in all the relevant information (description, URLs, etc...), so they will just appear on the search page. However, if you click on one of these, then, you'll see all of the Workflows associated with that Application / Webservice.

(2) The documentation section is there in a very nascent form. I created most of the structure for it, but I haven't finished making a nice way for users to contribute to it. Finishing that up is second on my list, second to the Packal Workflow.

(3) I have an overly-aggressive caching strategy implemented, so you might see parts of the pages that are "too-cached." So, if it looks like Packal has logged you out when you're not or logged you in when you're not (for instance), then it isn't the case. A simple refresh will display the correct content. I'm still tracking down just which caching layer is the offending culprit here. Apologies for the inelegance.

Thanks for stopping by.

-- Shawn