Development Roadmap

Here is a quick roadmap. Some of these might look like easy fixes, but, well, I have to fight with the CMS in order to make them work, so they're a bit harder.


  • Differentiate Search options for "all," "themes," "workflows," "tags," "categories," etc...
  • Put in a "featured" section on the front page for the unreleased Packal workflow.
  • Organize documentation section overview to make it more apparent.
  • Create documentation for how "documentation" is created.
  • On dashboard: create feed for unfilled application/web service tags to entice people fill them out.
  • Create "documentation" todo for dashboard.
  • Include a "help/explanation" message to display on application/web service tags when they are blank.
  • Create a "how packal is built and works" page


  • Write "automatic" backup script for the site.
  • further test integrity of cache clearing rules

Not scheduled for the intitial relase:

  • Remove form items from workflow and make them automatically set via workflow processing.
  • Rearrange help text on forms for better understanding
  • Automatic Workflow Processing:
    • Need to create a "delete" queue to remove files from the Github repo when deleted from the site
    • Autofill "readme" section in workflow file from node body if "readme" is blank.
    • Autofill "website" section in workflow for packal url is url is blank.
  • Change "create" to "submit" on submission pages.
  • Change "save" buttons to read "submit"
  • Change "add another item" to "add another <relevant name>"
  • Other... ?
  • Some items from the above list might be moved down here....