Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1565 Workflows and 209 Themes.

Random Workflows

Hayoo search for haskell functions and packages
A workflow for Alfred 3.0 that allows you to quick search for a movies and subtitles.
Ping TCP Port
Ping TCP ports from Alfred
UUID Generator
Generates a unique UUID and saves it to clipboard
Quickly get to documentation for oh-my-zsh plugins

New Workflows

Copy current date & time to clipboard
Get current date & time and save to clipboard
DevOps Repository Search
Quickly navigate to DevOps repositories in Alfred 3.
Slack Status Set
Sets Status in Slack (DND & more)
An Alfred workflow for quickly use music in Apple Music
Converts SVG files to PPT for shape usage in Keynote & PowerPoint

Random Themes

A minimalistic dark theme for Alfred :).
  Bright but pastel mellow neon colours, inspired by Inherent Vice, &c.   
UA Midnight
I just really like this colour palette, hope you guys too!
Concentrate on what you search for rather than what strange colors apperar when you open Alfred.
Mostly Transparent
A theme to test the website functionality. The theme is, as its name implies, mostly transparent...

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