Haskell Text Converter

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This workflow demonstrates the use of the Alfred Haskell library to make workflows. It converts text to different type and does line numbering.

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31 Jul 2015


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Haskell Text Converter Workflow

This workflow demonstrates the Haskell Alfred Library. The workflow allows text to be converted to different formats. The following commands are:


This command takes a string in the Alfred Prompt. You then pick the type of conversion you want. The result is pushed on to the clipboard.


This command starts a dedicated web server for performing the text conversion.


This command closes the dedicated web server.

You then use a GET requests to port 8000 of your localhost with the conversion type and the string. It will return to you the converted string.

Example: http://localhost:8000/title/this is a test

will return

This is a Test

There is a hotkey for numbering the lines of text in the clipboard.

There is also an external trigger for taking text from the clipboard and allowing the user to select a converter. There is a hotkey for triggering that external trigger also that takes the current selection and puts it into the clipboard.