Banana Terminal

An Alfred Workflow

Short Description

➊ Search for folders and open them in a new terminal or finder ➋ Open a terminal in the directory shown by finder ➌ Open a finder window in the current directory of your terminal.

Last Updated

16 May 2016


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Alfred2 Workflow

Search for a terminal and change directory (cd) to the result found by searching with Alfred limiting itself to folders.   The latest Alfred V2 should be live on Packal and can be downloaded from github here. The latest version is written against the Alfred 3 beta and allows one to select between using or is the master on github and can be downloaded here.

This workflow uses some code from and

I don’t like tabs for terminals so it is intentional that each terminal is in its own window. If you want to see a script with support for opening in tabs, take a look at 

Enjoy bananas.