Calendar Availability

An Alfred Workflow

Short Description

Read Mac Calendar DB and copy schedule or availability to clipboard

Last Updated

29 Feb 2016


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Alfred 2 workflow to copy Mac Calendar data to clipboard.

Running the 'sched' or 'avail' keywords will copy either a schedule summary or a busy/available list to the clipboard.

Settings at the start of the script can be used to specify the look-ahead day count (how many days to include), the start and end of the work day and whether or not to show all calendars or specific calendars and whether or not to skip weekends.

Specify Calendars

To specify calendars, modify the settings at the start of the script to change show_all_cal to False and populate cal_list with a list of calendar IDs (in paren, comma separated). The script ( can be run to get a list of calendar IDs.


Please note, the default timezone is set at the start of the script to 'America/Toronto'. It should hopefully work if you are in a different timezone and update that setting to match (using a value from here:, but I haven't tested for other timezones.

Note: Only tested on OS X El Capitan.