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Create .gitignore files using Alfred

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13 Dec 2021


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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An Alfred workflow to quickly create a .gitignore file from templates.

This is an Alfred workflow that lets users quickly combine multiple .gitignore templates into a single file. It works offline, has suggestions and autocomplete, and works with Alfred 4.

Getting Started

The latest version of the workflow can be downloaded from Packal or from the releases on GitHub. Open the workflow with Alfred, and follow its instructions to set it up.

The workflow can be started by typing the following keyword into Alfred:


Important! alfred-gitignore is shipped as an unsigned binary, which in recent versions of macOS this will prompt a warning. Go to System Preferences in macOS, click on Security & Privacy, and allow alfred-gitignore to run.

When running the workflow for the first time, only an action to update the templates will be shown. Run this action to download the latest templates from GitHub. When the download is done, press Enter to start building a .gitignore file.

The worflow shows a list of the currently installed workflows. Select one, and press Enter to add it to the list. Do this for all templates you want to combine. Then select the Build action at the top of the list, and wait for the file to be created.

Once ready, the workflow prompts you to either open the file or copy it to the clipboard. Select your preferred option and hit Enter to finish the workflow.


Check out the workflow's repository on GitHub: jdno/alfred-gitignore