LastPass Accelerator

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Interact with LastPass CLI

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26 May 2021


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Interact with LastPass CLI.

LastPass Accelerator uses the LastPass CLI. The easiest way to install it is with brew:

brew install lastpass-cli

If you have not installed brew, first run this:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"


These can also be changed using the lpconfigure command (see below).

  • ClipboardTimeout

    Number of seconds a password is stored in the clipboard before restoring the clipboard to its previous contents. Default is 30.

  • PostNotification

    Whether to post a nofication each time a field is copied to the clipboard. Default is true.

  • ShowFolders

    Show only folders in the initial results. This lets you navigate your vault like using Finder. Default is false.

  • lppath

    Location of the LastPass CLI program. Default is /usr/local/bin/lpass.

  • lpuser

    Your LastPass username. This is automatically set when you login.


All commands start with lp, so there's only one thing to remember.

  • lpin [username]

    Login to LastPass. The username is taken from the workflow variable {lpuser}, unless specified here.

    After you enter your LastPass password you will be prompted for your MFA code, unless you have previously logged in with the CLI's --trust option.

    If you have not enabled MFA for LastPass do it now! Until then, leave this blank.

  • lpout

    Logout of LastPass.

  • lpstat

    Show LastPass status. Either "Logged in as..." or "Not logged in."

  • lpass

    Copy an item's password to the clipboard. Use these modifiers to copy other fields:

    • Ctrl Username
    • Shift URL
    • CMD Notes
    • Fn Show all fields in a dialog window

    Or use the Option key to open a new menu with additional actions you can perform on the selected item.

    • Launch

      Open item's URL

    • Delete

      Remove item (with confirmation)

    • Move

      Move item to a different folder

    • Duplicate

      Duplicate item

    • Show item

      Show all fields in a dialog window for easy copy/paste

    Only the Option moidifier is available for Secure Notes. They are always displayed in a dialog window.

  • lpconfigure

    Quickly view and modify the workflow's variables.

  • lpmanage

    Manage LastPass account.

    • ##### Change your LastPass password
    • ##### Import items from a file
    • ##### Export items to a file
  • lpgen

    Use LastPass to generate a random password. You can specify the password length. The default is 20. Use the CMD key to allow symbols in the password.