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Actions for PDF viewer Skim

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23 Sep 2014


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This workflow allows users to act upon PDFs in the Mac app Skim in three ways:

  • Crop and Split two-page scanned PDFs
  • Extract search data and search in Google Scholar
  • Send annotations to Evernote

Both actions can be launched by keyboard shortcut or by keyword (split and extract respectively). In order to crop the PDF, use a Line Annotation to mark the margin you'd like to create. You can place one Line Annotation on the right or left to mark the desired margin, or you can place two Line Annotations on both right and left to crop both margins. Once cropped such that the scanned left-hand page and right-hand page have basically equal width, the workflow will split all the PDFs page and re-combine them into a new PDF. Obviously, for the workflow to extract any data, the PDF must be OCR'd. Assuming the PDF is OCR'd, when extracting data, the workflow looks for 3 things:

  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier
  • ISBN
  • JSTOR title page

The workflow will act upon the current page viewed in Skim, so you can scroll to whatever page contains this information (if it exists). If none of these 3 pieces of information exists, the workflow will present the user with a list of Capitalized Words from the current page. Select the words you would like to use in the Google Scholar query.