TextMate Favorites

An Alfred Workflow

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Create, open and delete TextMate Favorites through Alfred

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01 Dec 2015


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TextMate 2 is my current editor for all things text. I have many projects that I work on. TextMate has a handy "Open Favorites..." menu item - Command + Shift + O - to easily switch projects. This Alfred workflow allows you to manipulate the favorites from outside TextMate.

With this workflow you can:

  • Add any folder as a favorite TextMate project from Alfred's file browser.
  • Open favorite projects from Alfred in TextMate.
  • Remove a project from the list of favorites with Alfred.


Well, you need a Mac of course. With TextMate on it. And Alfred, including the productivity pack.


Download the TextMate Favorites workflow and install it by double-clicking it.

Usage instructions

If you already have a list of favorites set up, just type tmf and you should see it. Just select one and press Return. The project will open in TextMate. Of course you can continue typing to shorten the list.

If you don't have any favorites yet, it's time to create one:

  • Using the Alfred file browser, select the directory you wish to add as a favorite.
  • Open the action panel (defaults to right arrow).
  • Select the "Add to TextMate Favorites" option and press Return.

This is the way to add any folder as a favorite project.

To remove a favorite, first select it in the favorites list (tmf) and then press Return while holding theCommand key.

That's it!