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Search Twitch.TV streams and watch in VLC

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04 Oct 2016


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In short

  • Search Twitch.TV streams and watch in VLC (Livestreamer required)
  • keywords: tw, twtop, twgames, optional: twbygame, twcover
  • twtop: show top live streams on
  • twgames: show top live games streamed on
  • tw: search specific live streams on (argument: game, channel or streamer)
  • twbygame: search game, result leads to tw
  • twcover: download and convert game icons/covers/posters (optional, you only have to use it once you want to download many new game covers => e.g. because you deleted your outdated cover-folder)
  • browse philosophytwtop or twgames for getting the most wanted streams on
  • search philosophy: e.g. tw star finds streamer like "starman" and "starcraft"-games streams



Check who is streaming on Twitch.Tv (category gaming) and watch your favorite stream via Livestreamer in VLC (no lags anymore, thanks to buffering).

The main keyword is tw and the second word is the game or stream you want to watch (examples: tw voyboy or tw league of legends or also simply tw league). Alternative: Use keyword twtop to see the current TOP streams or twgames for the current TOP streamd games. Limit of streams is changable via specific workflow ($limit-variable).

With "enter" you can open the stream via Terminal (Livestreamer) on VLC. The Terminal has to be open (in background) while you watch the stream. But because of Terminal's nature you need to change its settings first, to force the Terminal to shutdown automatically: Just open Terminal > Preferences > Profiles or Settings > Shell: > When the shell exits: -> Close if the shell exited cleanly.

The streamer list is sorted by number of viewers descending. The quality of the stream is "high". If you want to change it to best (e.g.), feel free to open the existing "Terminal Command" (alfred, workflow-window) and modify the Livestreamer line.

Optional: If you deleted your game icons/covers/posters folder (because many of them are outdated) you should use twcover to download all the top game covers. Otherwise tw or twtop will do it, but it takes more time and downloads less covers.


Screenshot: Browsing TOP STREAMS

Screenshot: Browsing TOP GAMES

Screenshot: Searching STREAM

Screenshot: Searching GAME

Screenshot: Downloading GAME COVERS/POSTERS

Screenshot: Watching STREAM



  • Required: Livestreamer and VLC
  • Made in/with OSX 10.9.1, livestreamer 1.7.2, VLC 2.1.2, PHP 5.3, AppleScript 2.3, Twitch-API/v3
  • Supports AlleyOop/Monkey Patch



  • it takes a lil time between entries because of the