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Random Workflows

Alfred Browser Toolbox
Things to help using the Alfred Browser.
Creates a new file in the current Finder directory
Screensaver Lock Screen
Let's you assign a hotkey to lock your Mac OS X to a screensaver screen.
CrashPlan Control
Provides an easy way to control CrashPlan service with Alfred 2.
Workflow to interact with SizeUp to manage applications's windows

New Workflows

Hotkey to nvalt scratchpad
Open a new scratchpad in nvalt by a hotkey
Export top pages document to pdf
Exports the top Pages5 document to a pdf in the same directory
Alfred Keyword Help
Show and filter available keywords
Set Mac's Wi-Fi function to ON/OFF.
Wunderlist integration for Alfred2. Allows you to add tasks, show your lists, and show incomplete tasks...

Random Themes

Philadelphia Phillies
The Philadelphia Phillies team colors, their own brand of red, white and blue.
Unibody Light
Made to match OS X's aethetic. Monochromatic with a blue accent. Attractive and very usable. Dark Version...
# Cobalt 2 theme for Alfred Super great theme for [Alfred](http://www.alfredapp.com/). Based on the [Cobalt2 theme for...
Dark Mode
An minimal Alfred theme inspired by the Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite. Best used with blur max. Have fun....
Popular Monokai Theme

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