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Random Workflows

Fish Toolbox
A list of functions for working with the Fish shell.
Google Hangout
Generate a google hangout link via Safari or Google Chrome and place the hangout URL in your clipboard...
Creates a new note in Notes.app.
Roman Numerals
Convert Roman numerals to decimal numbers (and vice versa)
Workflow for searching and opening Favorites in Transmit 4 App.

New Workflows

List and control Vagrant environments with Alfred2
VPN Toggle
Toggle VPN on or off.
Convert clipboard contents to a Hastebin URL.
Check estimated pick up time for Uber based on inputted address
Restart frontmost application
Type 'rs' and then press enter to close and restart your frontmost application.

Random Themes

Code Neue
# Code Neue theme ## Blurring Make sure you're running the latest pre-release (Updates tab in Alfred Preferences)....
Unibody Light
Made to match OS X's aethetic. Monochromatic with a blue accent. Attractive and very usable. Dark Version...
Unibody Dark
Made to match OS X's aethetic. Monochromatic with a blue accent. Attractive and very usable...

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