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Random Workflows

Compress PNG or JPG image files using the online TinyPNG.com service
Open new Chrome window
Open a new Google Chrome window, optionally with query as parameter.
RegEx Renamer
Batch rename files or folders using Regular Expression
Search *.gitignore
AWS Console Services
A powerful workflow for quickly opening up AWS Console Services in your browser or searching for...

New Workflows

An Symfony docs search workflow for Alfred 4.
Roam Weekly Plan
This generates a weekly plan template for Roam for the next week as described by Nat Eliason in his...
Roam Weekly Review
This generates a weekly review template for Roam to help you review what you've achieved in the...
Roam Daily Notes
Generates a daily notes template for Roam including habits (fill in your own!), temporal sieve, and...
Antidote 10
Alfred workflow for Antidote 10

Random Themes

A simple teal theme
A Miami Vice inspired theme. Download wallpaper from screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/lRed2Sa.jpg
Alfred Expert
Here's a new theme I conceived as something of an experiment. You won't see anything you type, just a...
Simply black and white
Pedram Simple
Simple, minimal display for Alfred.

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