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Offering you 1090 Workflows and 157 Themes.

Random Workflows

Route to contact or location
This workflow calculates the route from the current location to a contact from your address book, or a...
Swift Evolution Proposals
An Alfred workflow for looking up Swift evolution proposals. Written in Swift, of course.
Menu Bar Search
Search for and activate application menu items for the frontmost application.
Free disk space
Displays the free disk space of your harddrives
Lernu! Dictionary
An Esperanto dictionary

New Workflows

Safari History Search
Search Safari Browse History from Alfred
Toggle Input Method
This is a simple workflow designed to display all and change between different input methods using...
Tools to help moderate the Alfred forums
Secure Password Generator
Generates passwords that score highly in zxcvbn and copies them to clipboard.
A simple UUID helper to generate random UUID's as well as formatting any uuid with or without...

Random Themes

Not so Deep Blue Large
Light theme with large window, red highlightning and blue text.
Classic white background with a navy blue selection with red shortcuts/scrollbar.
Wild-Cherry Dark Theme
This theme is based on the Sublime Text and iTerm2 Wild-Cherry Theme.
Shiori Style
A theme based on the app Shiori, which has an Alfred-style interface for searching your Pinboard bookmarks (...
Vintage Term
This is my favorite theme.  Subtle but effective.

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