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Random Workflows

Generate fake test data in Alfred
Simple Timer
A very simple timer
Proof of concept to make a script filter update itself without further user input
Sum-up a series of numbers separated by spaces.
Restore Moom snapshot
This workflow let you to restore a previously saved Moom snapshot.

New Workflows

Simple windows manager
this workflow is used to kill the port you specifie by typing: kp portnum, for example: kp 8080 kill...
Moom - Window Layouts
This Alfred workflow allows you to control your Moom app within Alfred 3.
html entity
Decode and Encode HTML entity
Toggle KeepingYouAwake

Random Themes

Giba Light Blue Theme
Simple and elegant light blue theme.
Cedar, Black Pepper, Orange and Cinnamon...
Been trying to build some themes based on popular colour palettes I'm found online. Thought this one turned out quite...
Based on the gruvbox-light terminal color scheme
Midnight Blues
Another theme suitable for a 27" display utilizing a chiaroscuro background.    

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