Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 330 Workflows and 69 Themes.

Random Workflows

Search PubMed
Two different methods to get autocomplete for PubMed.
Play Song
Plays a song in iTunes based on the given query
Send mail to contacts and groups from your Address Book
Zip Info
Displays what is inside a zip file without uncompressing it.
Set Alfred's background blur radius

New Workflows

C * Music Player
Remote control commands using cmus-remote
Django Secret Key Generator
Generates a new random string suitable for use as a SECRET_KEY in Django apps
Non-Secure Empty Trash
Empties Trash non-securely.
Text Case Converter in Swift
A case converter in Swift.
Mjolnir Workflow
A workflow for controlling your desktop with Mjolnir.

Random Themes

Better Yosemite Spotlight
Yosemite spotlight for power users!
Concentrate on what you search for rather than what strange colors apperar when you open Alfred.
Light and Smooth 2.0
A light theme for alfred that uses the font color instead of the background to highlight an...

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