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Random Workflows

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Lorem Ipsum
An ultra-fast Lorem Ipsum text generator.
Looks for mounted external drives like usb sticks, thumb drives or backup disks and ejects them....
Shimo for Workflow
VPN Workflow for Shimo
Philips Hue Controller
Quickly and easily control Philips Hue lights with Alfred.

New Workflows

Open different dotfiles in Visual Studio Code on keyword
datetime time format
time or datetime format tool.
Show/Hide Hidden Files
This workflow uses the keyboard shortcut for showing/hiding hidden files.
Bluetooth Connector
Alfred workflow for listing known Bluetooth devices and (dis)connecting to them
This workflow helps you to quickly open Heroku logs, console, or dashboard.

Random Themes

Based on XCode Dusk theme
Simple dark theme with sharp edges and no fuss.
Smooth Teal
A simple dark teal green theme using Lucida Grande
Dark Mode
An minimal Alfred theme inspired by the Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite. Best used with blur max. Have fun....
Frosted Dark
A small blurry dark theme.

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