Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1149 Workflows and 160 Themes.

Random Workflows

Template Workflow
A Handlebar templating engine expander of text snippets with optional expansion through TextExpander...
Keypad for InDesign
Simulate a Keypad with Alfred
Trello Next for Alfred
Retrieve your important Trello cards by list, label or due date
Add entries to jrnl
Network Tools
Collection of some useful network commands

New Workflows

Alfred 3 workflow for controlling various adapters.
Toggle Keyboard Viewer
Toggles the macOS Keyboard Viewer applet
Open in Vim
Open the selected file in Finder in the terminal using vim editor.
Rsync Folders
Keep a set of folders in sync with their target folders via rsync
Home Assistant
You will be able to control you lights, get sensor information, trigger automations and look for your...

Random Themes

Modern Alfred
The Alfred default theme without the border and the needless elements.
These theme will make any developer feel like home!
Elegant v4
Elegant Theme v4 I made myself… :D
A revamp of the *beautiful* **dark** and *transparent* SmokeHUD. Designed to work with all background colors and...
Node JS Theme
Theme inspired by the Node Js logo. Reference: http://nodejs.org/

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