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Random Workflows

Show animated doppler radar for local area using quicklook. (US only for now)
Virtual Number Pad
Creates a virtual number using the 7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, and l keys.
Ancient Chinese online query
Ancient Chinese explanation inquiry from zdic.net
Get current unix timestamp or convert a string to a timestamp or a timestamp to a datetime.
Budget Workflow
Workflow to work with budgets using Calca or any other editor.

New Workflows

Chrome Workspace
A alfred workflow for the chrome extension of savetabs.
Pandoc Suite for Academic Writing in Markdown
Cite in Pandoc Markdown and convert it into .docs, .pdf, or .html with proper citations &...
Manage virtual MFA devices
Easy way to get your Google Authenticator OTP
LaunchDarkly Documentation
Community supported workflow which allows you to search LaunchDarkly documentation.

Random Themes

A simple, clean and minimal Alfred theme.
An Old Hope
Hi there, I created a theme based on the [developer theme - An Old Hope](https://github.com/dustinsanders/an-old-hope-...
Transparent Light
A small, *lightweight* theme for Alfred that is built look beautiful with MacOS Mojave. By default the...
Kimbie Light
An Alfred theme inspired by the Mount Kimbie album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.
Programmer's Solarized Dark
This is a theme using [Ethan Schnoover's Solarized color scheme](http://...

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