Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1121 Workflows and 159 Themes.

Random Workflows

Jump Desktop
Open the specified server in Jump Desktop
Open in iTerm
Opens iTerm to the path of the selected folder
Semi-automates the debian package creation process using dpkg.
Restart App
Restart a currently running App
ESV Online Bible
Quickly look up and paste ESV bible passages!

New Workflows

Search Chrome Bookmarks
Clang Format
format your code in clipboard using clang-format
Switch 4k monitor resolutions
Use resolution-cli to switch between some predefined resolutions of 4k monitors.
Access to your Tado from Alfred
Bagoum Shadowverse Card Search
Search Shadowverse card and open its link in Bagoum

Random Themes

Simple subtle theme with just a punch of color.
Pro Dark
Ideal for a 27" display utilizing a dark background.
  Bright but pastel mellow neon colours, inspired by Inherent Vice, &c.   
Solarized Dark
A dark theme based on the Solarized colour scheme.
Alfred Expert
Here's a new theme I conceived as something of an experiment. You won't see anything you type, just a...

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