Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 442 Workflows and 82 Themes.

Random Workflows

Get current DNS queries per second from NSONE
What's My IP
Find your IP addresses
Laser SSH
Choose SSH connection from filterable list
Workflow for listing your Basecamp projects.
Continuity Support
Enables calling and messaging via contacts or number input

New Workflows

Toggle Mac OS X's native rubber band (i.e., elastic) scrolling on or off
Skim Remote
Control Skim with Alfred Remote
Toggles the Focus app status.
Toggle Function Keys
Toggles Function Keys in OS X using Apple Script that includes a remote trigger for use with Alfred...
Unlock your Mac Remote
Unlock your Mac with Alfred Remote iOS App

Random Themes

Simple Gold
A lightly golden theme Futura at the helm.
OS X Yosemite Dark Transparent
Install by downloading the theme and double clicking it. Make sure you'...
Classic white background with a navy blue selection with red shortcuts/scrollbar.

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