Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 850 Workflows and 142 Themes.

Random Workflows

Open Secure SHell with smart hostname autocompletion
Drop uploads a file to Dropbox and get a public download link
Display synonyms from www.synonyms.net
Convert Word document to PDF
Alfred workflow to convert Word document to PDF
Evernote Snippets
Evernote notes as snippets in Alfred

New Workflows

Alfred PDF Tools
Merge, split and slice PDF files
Foursquare Search
Search Foursquare from Alfred 3
An Alfred Workflow to search in the swiss phone book (local.ch)
Drop uploads a file to Dropbox and get a public download link

Random Themes

minimalistic theme inspired by so many others but with emphasis on simplicity. only three neutral levels of grey: 16, 96...
Terminal By Design
This theme is a good mimic of my iTerm theme.
Node JS Theme
Theme inspired by the Node Js logo. Reference: http://nodejs.org/
DigitPanic Theme
A theme reminiscent of summer colors and the beach. 
Modern Glassware
used with alfred workflows blur *I think it would be perfect with Yosemite

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