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Random Workflows

open a iTerm2 tab into the folder of the topmost Finder window (also supports Terminal)
Restart frontmost application
Type 'rs' and then press enter to close and restart your frontmost application.
Bitcoin Exchange Rates
Request current bitcoin exchange rate from blockchain.info
Freebox revolution
command freebox revolution TV player (French set-top box)
Netflix Search
Search, autocomplete and launch Netflix

New Workflows

Toggle Input Method
This is a simple workflow designed to display all and change between different input methods using...
Tools to help moderate the Alfred forums
Secure Password Generator
Generates passwords that score highly in zxcvbn and copies them to clipboard.
A simple UUID helper to generate random UUID's as well as formatting any uuid with or without...
Place youtube music in vlc

Random Themes

Elegant v4
Elegant Theme v4 I made myself… :D
mapure dark Material Design
Simple, clean and elegant theme in dark colors from Material Design.
These theme will make any developer feel like home!
Solarized Compliant Dark Theme
This theme is entirely compliant with Ethan Schoonover's Solarized...
green on blurry black
  my desktop wallpaper is set to solid black - adjust the balance between the...

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