Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1253 Workflows and 176 Themes.

Random Workflows

Manage instance of Redis with Alfred 2
Interact with Things 3 using Alfred
iPython text manipulation
Format the ipython codes nicely without "[In]" or "[Out]" or " :"...
Fast New Todoist Task
Creates a new task in Todoist' inbox, optional date
Instant Search Workflow
Alfred Workflow to make use of Brett's SearchLink Service.

New Workflows

Toggle Greyscale
Toggles macOS` greyscale setting
Open localhost port on browser
Copy SSH Key
Copy your id_rsa.pub content to clipboard
Easily retrieve data from stored workflow variables and paste them.
Antidote 10
Look up words in Antidote 10

Random Themes

A small evil eye bead, ready for use.
This is a minor variation on my Pwnrs 2 theme I submitted. It has the blue text. I thought I would submit both.
Wild-Cherry Dark Theme
This theme is based on the Sublime Text and iTerm2 Wild-Cherry Theme.
Zenburn Dark
Started with default Alfred dark theme and then adjusted with Zenburn colors (from the Emacs port of the Vim...
DigitPanic Theme
A theme reminiscent of summer colors and the beach. 

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