Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 950 Workflows and 148 Themes.

Random Workflows

Mr Poole
Mr Poole is an Alfred workflow for managing Jekyll sites.
Open YMLP in Chrome
A workflow to open the mail list site 'YMLP' in Google Chrome
Create Sticky Notification
Create a notification using Sticky Notifications (app)
Launch URL in 3 browsers
Launch a URL in three browsers to speed up website testing
Google URL Shortner
Shortens a url using Google's goo.gl service

New Workflows

Fast launch project in SourceTree
Karabiner Elements Profile Switcher
Easily switch selected profile as configured in ~/.config/karabiner/karabiner.json
Irvue for Alfred
Workflow to control Irvue
Android adb
Handy adb commands
list/start android emulator

Random Themes

Lookfar Solarized Light
Inspired by Ethan Schoonover's Solarized system, Lookfar Solarized Light is a minimal...
Yosemite Neue Big
Light elegant theme with large transparent window and Helvetica Neue as font.
Clean Dark Theme
A very clean and dark theme by [k9ordon](http://www.k94n.com). Best use with [Blur Workflow](http://www...
Dark Mode
An minimal Alfred theme inspired by the Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite. Best used with blur max. Have fun....
Solarized Light Small
A light theme based on the Solarized colour scheme with smaller fonts.

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