Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1159 Workflows and 160 Themes.

Random Workflows

Viscosity VPN Manager
Manage Viscosity VPN connections
Search codebox snippets
Add & search your Pinboards bookmarks.
Bagoum Shadowverse Card Search
Search Shadowverse card and open its link in Bagoum
WiFi Control
Alfred workflow to turn WiFi on/off

New Workflows

Open Last Downloaded File
Opens the last downloaded file (in the Downloads folder).
Run pomodoros and other timers
LeetCode Search
LeetCode Search is an Alfred Workflow plugin for searching algorithm problems in LeetCode with custom...
Currency Converter
Currency Exchange include BTC, ETH
Nintendo Europe Search
Search and display Nintendo Switch game prices in European (including South Africa) region

Random Themes

Pro Dark
Ideal for a 27" display utilizing a dark background.
Programmer's Solarized Dark
This is a theme using [Ethan Schnoover's Solarized color scheme](http://...
Lookfar Solarized Dark
Inspired by Ethan Schoonover's Solarized system, Lookfar Solarized Dark is a minimal light...
Pure theme for Alfred. 
Solarized Dark
A dark theme based on the Solarized colour scheme.

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