Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 851 Workflows and 142 Themes.

Random Workflows

Python Interpreter
Use python interpreter directly from alfred.
Restart App
Restart a currently running App
Search Zotero. From the Comfort of Your Keyboard.
Interact with your Toggl.com account
What's available on Netflix and in which countries

New Workflows

Lookup Pokemon Information
Alfred PDF Tools
Merge, split and slice PDF files
Foursquare Search
Search Foursquare from Alfred 3
An Alfred Workflow to search in the swiss phone book (local.ch)
Drop uploads a file to Dropbox and get a public download link

Random Themes

Unibody Dark
Made to match OS X's aethetic. Monochromatic with a blue accent. Attractive and very usable...
Mostly Transparent
A theme to test the website functionality. The theme is, as its name implies, mostly transparent...
transparent theme with a soft, vintage feel to it. easy on the eyes
Solarized Light
A light theme based on the Solarized colour scheme.
Clean Dark Theme
A very clean and dark theme by [k9ordon](http://www.k94n.com). Best use with [Blur Workflow](http://www...

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