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Offering you 1002 Workflows and 154 Themes.

Random Workflows

Lorem Ipsum
Generate lorem ipsum text from Alfred
Time Machine
Inspect and control Time Machine.
Keynote Remote
Manage your presentations in Keynote with Remote
Recent Documents
List recently accessed files taken from both OS/X recent docs list and Alfred.
Open Sketch Plugin folder
A quick plugin to open the Sketch plugin & template folder

New Workflows

Pikes Peak Library District Catalog Search
Searches the PPLD catalog.
Switch the user agent for your frontmost browser
Evernote Bookmarks
Search in Evernote for saved bookmarks (tagged as such)
Alfred Confluence Quick search
The Alfred Confluence workflow makes the Confluence Quick search available in the Alfred App.
Start and stop tracking time with Toggl and/or Harvest through Alfred

Random Themes

This is a minor variation on my Pwnrs 2 theme I submitted. It has the blue text. I thought I would submit both.
YOSEMITE - best design theme for MacOS 10.10 by i-NOVATiON
Enjoy clean design: Yosemite...
Clear Light Mind
noun, \ˈklir • ˈlīt • ˈmīnd\ 1: A crisp, clean, modern, (dare I say sexy even?) very...
Control Command Escape
Based on the colour scheme of Control Command Escape
Frosted Dark
A small blurry dark theme.

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