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Offering you 773 Workflows and 129 Themes.

Random Workflows

List Processing Workflow
Sequence through a list using a specified separator.
Unit converter
Simple tool to convert measurements with advanced calculation support
Pocket for Alfred
Manage your Pocket list with Alfred
Get App Icon
Get App's icon from /Applications or App Store / Mac App Store
Docker Wizard
Control Docker machines & containers with Alfred

New Workflows

Lorem Ipsum
Generate lorem ipsum text from Alfred
Contao Inserttags
Adds a workflow to AlfredApp, which gets all Contao Insert Tags for you.
Tunnelblick Toggle
Check and toggle status of Tunnelblick connections
MongoDb Starter
This workflow starts or stops the MongoDb server
Minecraft Server Checker
An Alfred workflow for querying the status of a Minecraft server

Random Themes

Classic white background with a navy blue selection with red shortcuts/scrollbar.
Natural Wood
This theme goes hand-in-hand with the theme on Flavours.com called Natural Wood. Check it out here: http://goo.gl...
Random name for a pretty theme
Clean. Clear. Blue.
Modern Alfred
The Alfred default theme without the border and the needless elements.

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