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Offering you 1266 Workflows and 176 Themes.

Random Workflows

Edit With… A QuickCursor Alternative
Select text in one app, edit in another then paste it back
Sum-up a series of numbers separated by spaces.
Dial with iPhone
Send a phone number from your Mac (Contact, selected text or manual entry) to your iPhone for quick-...
Notes Workflow
A workflow for keeping track and making notes.
Calculates the length of the input string

New Workflows

Publish Ulysses Notes
One-command publishing of Ulysses notes! One-command publishing of Ulysses notes! One command publishing...
SmartPic 是一款 Alfred workflow,可以方便大家上传图片到云上,并获取图片链接,可用于 Markdown 写文章时添加图片或其他用途。
Display GeoJSON
Display pasted GeoJSON on geojson.io
Quickly get to documentation for oh-my-zsh plugins
Track your parcels/packages online via ParcelsApp (http://parcelsapp.com).

Random Themes

Simple dark theme with sharp edges and no fuss.
Concentrate on what you search for rather than what strange colors apperar when you open Alfred.
Modern Glassware
used with alfred workflows blur *I think it would be perfect with Yosemite
Modern Alfred
The Alfred default theme without the border and the needless elements.
Olive Drab
An Alfred theme inspired by Willys Jeeps and early WWII US uniforms (OD #3). Flat, low contrast, and relaxing....

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