Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 1137 Workflows and 160 Themes.

Random Workflows

Search Giphy for animated gifs
Take screenshots directly to the web
Runs commands using the Mathematica kernel.
Bluetooth On/Off
Turn bluetooth on or off
Daum Book Search
Daum 책 검색을 Alfred에서!

New Workflows

Symbol Bars
Very simple alfred workflow that paste one of the symbols in {#, *, -, =, %} N times, e.g. "#bar 5...
Things 3 Workflow with Deep Linking
Amphetamine on-off
An amphetamine control workflow based on the original author's work
Alfred -> DEVONthink
Radio Toggle
Toggle for the Radio app

Random Themes

Ubuntu Ambiance Theme
This is a theme I created to mimic Ubuntu's Ambiance Theme. It also is set to a size...
Unibody Light
Made to match OS X's aethetic. Monochromatic with a blue accent. Attractive and very usable. Dark Version...
Orange Milkshake
A light, clean and easy to eyes theme to match OS X overall look and feel when used with ...
Smooth Teal
A simple dark teal green theme using Lucida Grande
Predawn Twilight
I created a simplified Predawn theme with the Twilight orange instead of the default orange. Matches the...

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