Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 902 Workflows and 144 Themes.

Random Workflows

Yelp Search
Yelp Search
Imgur Downloader
Imgur downloader.
Grab Link
Copies the link of the active browser tab to the clipboard
Search for torrents, choose among the results in Alfred and start the download in uTorrent
Empty Bird
Empty cache from Whatsapp iCloud Backups in com.apple.bird

New Workflows

Remove the quarantine attribute from your apps
Workflow Directory - Open in Finder or Terminal
Same behavior as the right click menu on a workflow. Saves you time if you are developing workflows...
Google Maps Place Search
simple workflow to take selected or clipboard text and return an address
open a iTerm2 tab into the folder of the topmost Finder window (also supports Terminal)
Temporary Mute
Use a hotkey to temporarily mute your Mac. Works great to skip commercials during sporting events....

Random Themes

Yosemite Neue Big
Light elegant theme with large transparent window and Helvetica Neue as font.
Standard Yosemite
Colors from Yosemite strandard developer colors. "Selected Menu Item" blue, "Secondary...
Pedram Simple
Simple, minimal display for Alfred.
Alfred V2 Theme "Crimson"   enjoy
Inspired by the [predawn-ui](https://github.com/jamiewilson/predawn-ui) theme for Atom and Sublime Text.

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