Packal (beta) puts Alfred Workflows and Themes at your fingertips.

Offering you 358 Workflows and 70 Themes.

Random Workflows

Displays status of local RabbitMQ and it's queues. Can start and stop local RabbitMQ instance....
Last.fm on Alfred!
VEVO.com Quicksearch
Search vevo.com for videos and watch them in your browser
Powerline Toolbox
A workflow to edit Powerline config files and more.
Zip Files
One of the features missing from OS X is a keyboard trigger for creating zip archive files.

New Workflows

Cisco Call
Workflow to call via your Cisco IP Phone
LDAP contacts
Alfred workflow to search for telephone numbers of coworkers through an Active Directory/LDAP directory...
Audio Swith
Switch between your input sources and output devices.
Run and save regular expressions!
Interact with the chat service Slack via Alfred

Random Themes

Mostly Transparent
A theme to test the website functionality. The theme is, as its name implies, mostly transparent...
Subdued Blue
A simple light theme for Alfred. Blue on white with a subtle, transparent borde. PS: more in the...
Olive Drab
An Alfred theme inspired by Willys Jeeps and early WWII US uniforms (OD #3). Flat, low contrast, and relaxing....

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