Theme List

macOS Ventura

A macOS Ventura theme


MacOS Monterey theme


A classy alfred theme

Raycast Light

An Alfred theme based on the design of Raycast, which looks natural and fits right in with MacOS.

Raycast Dark

An Alfred theme based on the design of Raycast, which looks natural and fits right in with MacOS.


A dark mode theme with cold blue accents

Cleen Light

A simple, sophisticated theme. Has serif fonts and a ton of padding. I designed this because I wanted it to stand out when sharing my screen and searching for something.

Big Sur Night

A dark alfred theme for macOS big sur.

Big Sur Light

A light alfred theme for macOS big sur.


Ice theme for Alfred


Snow theme for Alfred

Crazy Accessible Blue

# Crazy Accessible Blue ## Accessible and large theme for Alfred

Minimal Wide

Compact light alfred theme


Old terminal like monochrome color theme and monospace font

MacOS Native Dark Mode

A clean, minimal Alfred theme that fits natively with MacOS Big Sur and Mojave.


Dark theme based on the Panda Theme...[Check it out here](  


Inspired on FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream cards 


Inspired on Palenight theme for VSCode ...

Solarized Dark

Alfred macOS Dark dimensions + Solarized Dark colors Designed to go well with the iTerm colorset. Follows the Solarized guidelines on Ethan Schoonover's site as closely as possible.

Like Soup

You like soup?

AshGrey-OperaMauve 2

This is the one

Midnight Blue

A dark alfred theme with blue accent.


Nord theme (port) for Alfred.

Translucent macOS Pink Accent Theme

For those who appreciate pink accent in macOS and wide width to see more content in descriptions, inline dictionary text, etc.

UA Midnight

I just really like this colour palette, hope you guys too!