Midnight Blue

(Alfred Theme)

A dark alfred theme with blue accent.

Yosemite Big Dark Blue High

(Alfred Theme)

Dark theme with large partially transparent window, Helvetica as text and blue highlightning.

Looks nice on Yosemite and above when dark themed.

Not so Deep Blue Large

(Alfred Theme)

Light theme with large window, red highlightning and blue text.

Deep Blue Large

(Alfred Theme)

Big-window light theme with blue text color.

Blue Yosemite Large

(Alfred Theme)

Nice looking theme following OS X Yosemite UI style.

Sea Eye

(Alfred Theme)

Inspired by sea, sky, the Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon. 


(Alfred Theme)

NFL's Seattle Seahawk's team colors with a transparent background.

Seafoam Blue

(Alfred Theme)

Transparent Turquoises layered.  With blue accents.


(Alfred Theme)

A simple teal theme

Control Command Escape

(Alfred Theme)

Based on the colour scheme of Control Command Escape


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