Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Alfred? »
Alfred is many things. First, it's free application for OS X only, and it works as a program launcher, yet, if you upgrade to a Powerpack, then you have the ability to install Workflows.
What are Workflows? »
Workflows are like macros. Using hotkeys or keywords, Alfred will run a variety of scripts on your computer. These scripts can be written in most any language (Bash, Python, PHP, Ruby, Applescript, Go, and others). So, anything that those scripts can accomplish, Alfred can do for you in just a few keystrokes.
The Powerpack sounds great. Where can I get me one? »
Click this link. It costs money. It's worth it.
What is Packal? »
Packal is a dynamic repository for Alfred Workflows and Themes. Users can submit their own work for anyone to use. Themes are stored in an Alfred2-specific URI. Workflow files are pushed to Github, providing a level of redundant storage.
Can I clone the Github Repo? »
Uhhh.... of course. It's Github. But, the Repo is filled with too many Workflows for you to keep track of, and the main purpose of this site is to help you sift through those Workflows to find what you need.
How do I submit my own Workflows or Themes? »
First, you need to register an account or login. Next, follow this link and follow the instructions. The page will ask you for a decent amount of information, but it is necessary in order to make the site work as well as possible. And, thank you for contributing.
How can I contribute to the Packal Workflow documentation? »
Contact the site administrator through the site contact form or via email, and he'll grant you access. The documentation section is really a work in progress, and the interface to create and edit it isn't very elegant.
How can I help Packal in other ways? »
Contact the site administrator through the site contact form or via email, and he'll let you know. Or suggest something.
Why is there advertising? That's lame »
Packal was put together and is maintained by a poor graduate student who lives in New York City. Advertising costs go to cover server expenses. If, for some random and unlikely reason, the ad revenue exceeds the server costs, then the extra part will go to paying off his student loans when they come due. Or maybe he'll buy more cat food for his pets.
Okay, after the last question, I feel bad. Can I help? »
Turn off your ad-blocker. If an ad looks interesting to you, then click it to find out more but only if you actually find it intriguing. Or, feel free to donate via Paypal.

I love what some of these contributors have made. Can I buy them a beer? »
Look on their profiles to see if there is a way to do so either via Paypal or Gittip. Maybe go to their personal websites where you might find those links.