Privacy Policy

Our privacy settings are simple. If you create an account, your email address will be used only for technical correspondance with Packal (sending activation emails, resetting passwords, notifying you that your workflows have been submitted and are live on the website). If you enable a person contact form (you can do this via your profile page), then any registered user can contact you through the site, but your email address will not be publicly available. Don't worry, there is a captcha on the contact form to reduce any spam.

We do not sell any of your information to anyone.

The entire site is searchable internally and is indexed by major search engines, so your profile can appear via those engines.

If you enter a Google+ ID, then it will be displayed on your profile, and Google will use your Google+ picture when a workflow of yours appears on the search engine.

If you provide your Github ID, then it will be displayed on your profile as a link to your Github page.

If you provide your Alfred forum username, then it will be displayed on your profile, and if you provide the profile link, then it will also be displayed on your profile.

If you provide any websites on your profile, then they will be displayed on your profile.

If you provide a picture, then it will be displayed on your profile page, in the top contributors block on the front page (if you are in the top five contributors), and on any Workflow or Theme that you submit. Gravatar integration is provided by default, but you can turn this feature off on your by editing your profile.

Google Analytics is enabled on this site; however, if you have set a "do not track" preference in your browser, then we will respect that and not track you via Google Analytics. You can also opt out of tracking on Google Analytics by altering a setting on your profile page.

Any advertisements on Packal are not targeted and thus do not use any of your information provided. We do not send any of your information to the advertiser.

If you share something on Facebook via the links, then you will be asked to authorize the "Packal" application. This application simply serves as a bridge between Facebook and Packal to display the links in a better way. We do not store your Facebook information, and we do not use your information in anyway. We do not post on your behalf. Simply, if you click "share," then it lets you share the Workflow easily.

If you want to contribute to the site but don't want to provide any information, then, simply, do not give us any personal information when you register. You can change these settings later by editing your profile, but the information may already be out on the web via search engines' caching mechanisms. We cache our own content, and we use Cloudflare as a CDN, so it provides an extra caching layer. These caches are cleared, so if you change your information, the Packal caches will be flushed. That might not happen immediately, but it should happen within a few hours.

If you have any other questions about privacy, please contact us through the site contact form.