Black Glass

(Alfred Theme)

A transparent theme.

Dark and Dim

(Alfred Theme)

Modified OS X Yosemite Dark to be transparent and have dimmer text and highlighting. For those who like working with low light and little glare.

yosemite transparent

(Alfred Theme)

Spotlight-like theme. Have fun!

Seafoam Blue

(Alfred Theme)

Transparent Turquoises layered.  With blue accents.

Boilerplate (v3)

(Alfred Theme)

[UPDATED - includes link for Alfred 3 theme]

A dark theme with a bold selected text background inspired by HTML5Boilerplate, which sadly no longer uses hot pink to let you know you've got some text selected. Selected items have a darker background with brighter, more saturated text to enhance contrast.

Packal doesn't like the base64-encoded Alfred 3 version of the theme (that now includes all the settings, including blur), here's theme share link (trust this screenshot though – the alfredapp share page doesn't currently show off the selection highlight). There's also a version with San Francisco set as the main font.

For those who are sticking with Alfred 2, I recommend using a blurred background to help keep busy backgrounds from making text hard to read; since that's a setting that I can't include in the theme, you can adjust the blur; I use the 4th strength available (out of 6).

YOSEMITE - best design theme for MacOS 10.10 by i-NOVATiON

(Alfred Theme)

Enjoy clean design:

Yosemite i-NOVATiON Theme

  • best yosemite style
  • great typo design
  • clean and transparent design

Have fun using our theme!!!


i-NOVATiON - mobile & web applications Application development for your company. Germany, 92637 Weiden,

Better Yosemite Spotlight

(Alfred Theme)

Yosemite spotlight for power users!


(Alfred Theme)

A white-on-transparent theme. Looks great with a high blur setting. It's unreadable without one.


(Alfred Theme)

A revamp of the beautiful dark and transparent SmokeHUD. Designed to work with all background colors and provide a modern feel.

Terminal By Design

(Alfred Theme)

This theme is a good mimic of my iTerm theme.


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