Pragmatic - Blue Steel

(Alfred Theme)

Pragmatism defined.  

Blue steel variant. 


(Alfred Theme)

Just very dark

Dark and Dim

(Alfred Theme)

Alfred Themes are imported via a URI scheme. So, when you click on the + Import Theme link, the Alfred2 Preferences window will open, asking you if you want to import the theme. There are no files to download, and, also, because of that, themes cannot be auto-updated.

Neon Dreams

(Alfred Theme)

It's a damn Alfred theme. 

Alfred Subtle-Hacker Theme

(Alfred Theme)

Alfred Theme based on the Emacs subtle-hacker theme.


(Alfred Theme)

Simple dark theme

Tales from the loop — Reload

(Alfred Theme)

Frosted Dark

(Alfred Theme)

A small blurry dark theme.

green on blurry black

(Alfred Theme)


my desktop wallpaper is set to solid black

- adjust the balance between the opacity (background color) and window blur settings according to your desktop layout.



Yosemite Big Dark Blue High

(Alfred Theme)

Dark theme with large partially transparent window, Helvetica as text and blue highlightning.

Looks nice on Yosemite and above when dark themed.


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