Solarized Dark

(Alfred Theme)

Alfred macOS Dark dimensions + Solarized Dark colors

Designed to go well with the iTerm colorset.

Follows the Solarized guidelines on Ethan Schoonover's site as closely as possible.


Midnight Blue

(Alfred Theme)

A dark alfred theme with blue accent.

Transparent Dark

(Alfred Theme)

A small, lightweight theme for Alfred that is built look beautiful with MacOS Mojave. By default the theme uses the System, "San Fransisco" font, a slightly darkened, blurred background & an off red scroll bar.

Solarized Dark

(Alfred Theme)

A small, lightweight theme for Alfred that emulates the solarized themes found in a lot of text editors. By default the theme uses the "Menlo" font, a dark blue background, & a teal-green scroll bar.

Dark Space

(Alfred Theme)

A simpel Dark Theme with a great whitespace.

You need the Powerpack

Made with Alfred3


(Alfred Theme)

Alfred Theme inspired by a random Terminal.app color scheme I once downloaded, called DotGov


(Alfred Theme)

FireCode theme for Alfred, based on similar theme for SublimeText 3 with the same name, found here.

Ariake Dark

(Alfred Theme)

Ariake Dark theme for alfred

Inspired by the Atom / VSCode theme: https://github.com/pathtrk/ariake-dark-syntax


Pragmatic - Blue Steel

(Alfred Theme)

Pragmatism defined.  

Blue steel variant. 


(Alfred Theme)

Just very dark


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