Midnight Blue

(Alfred Theme)

A dark alfred theme with blue accent.

Transparent Dark

(Alfred Theme)

A small, lightweight theme for Alfred that is built look beautiful with MacOS Mojave. By default the theme uses the System, "San Fransisco" font, a slightly darkened, blurred background & an off red scroll bar.

Solarized Dark

(Alfred Theme)

A small, lightweight theme for Alfred that emulates the solarized themes found in a lot of text editors. By default the theme uses the "Menlo" font, a dark blue background, & a teal-green scroll bar.

Dark Space

(Alfred Theme)

A simpel Dark Theme with a great whitespace.

You need the Powerpack

Made with Alfred3


(Alfred Theme)

Alfred Theme inspired by a random Terminal.app color scheme I once downloaded, called DotGov


(Alfred Theme)

FireCode theme for Alfred, based on similar theme for SublimeText 3 with the same name, found here.

Ariake Dark

(Alfred Theme)

Ariake Dark theme for alfred

Inspired by the Atom / VSCode theme: https://github.com/pathtrk/ariake-dark-syntax


Pragmatic - Blue Steel

(Alfred Theme)

Pragmatism defined.  

Blue steel variant. 


(Alfred Theme)

Just very dark

Dark and Dim

(Alfred Theme)

Alfred Themes are imported via a URI scheme. So, when you click on the + Import Theme link, the Alfred2 Preferences window will open, asking you if you want to import the theme. There are no files to download, and, also, because of that, themes cannot be auto-updated.


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