Paper (v3)

(Alfred Theme)

This theme is a fork of Paper (v2), by Florian Pircher

This updated version features slightly wider spacing and clearer selection highlighting in a subtler off-white shade, retaining the same elegant aesthetic.

Dark Space

(Alfred Theme)

A simpel Dark Theme with a great whitespace.

You need the Powerpack

Made with Alfred3

Pragmatic - Blue Steel

(Alfred Theme)

Pragmatism defined.  

Blue steel variant. 


(Alfred Theme)

A simple, clean and minimal Alfred theme.

green on blurry black

(Alfred Theme)


my desktop wallpaper is set to solid black

- adjust the balance between the opacity (background color) and window blur settings according to your desktop layout.




(Alfred Theme)

This is a minor variation on my Pwnrs 2 theme I submitted. It has the blue text. I thought I would submit both.

Pwnrs 2

(Alfred Theme)

This is a theme I've been using for the last couple of years and have liked enough to avoid changing it.

OS X Spotlight

(Alfred Theme)

Spotlight like theme.

Dark Mode

(Alfred Theme)

An minimal Alfred theme inspired by the Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite. Best used with blur max.

Have fun.


8 (Dark)

(Alfred Theme)

Alfred 2.4+ only.

Best used with Window Blur set to maximum under Appearance ➜ Options



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