(Alfred Theme)

Inspired by the predawn-ui theme for Atom and Sublime Text.

OS X Yosemite Dark Transparent

(Alfred Theme)

Install by downloading the theme and double clicking it.

Make sure you're running the latest pre-release (Updates tab in Alfred Preferences). Enable Window Blur in Appearance > Options - I set it to max.

Latest version on Github



(Alfred Theme)

Simple dark theme, based on default dark theme but with less accents.

Dark Minimalism

(Alfred Theme)

Charcoal with clear blue highlights




Clean Dark Theme

(Alfred Theme)

A very clean and dark theme by k9ordon.

Best use with Blur Workflow by TylerEich


(Alfred Theme)

A revamp of the beautiful dark and transparent SmokeHUD. Designed to work with all background colors and provide a modern feel.

Programmer's Solarized Dark

(Alfred Theme)

This is a theme using Ethan Schnoover's Solarized color scheme, with the proper background and foreground sets. Additionally, it defaults to Menlo, as we programmers like our monospaced fonts (easier to read). It uses yellow for the selected result highlight, with blue and magenta button accents. The fonts are on the big side, with the window being made a bit wider. Hope you like it!

Dull Light

(Alfred Theme)

A beautiful rendering of dark greys with a bold result heading. derivative of kuro


(Alfred Theme)

Been trying to build some themes based on popular colour palettes I'm found online. Thought this one turned out quite nicely.

Alfred Purple

(Alfred Theme)

A minimal purple theme, semi-opaque. A little homage to Alfreds wondeful hat.


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