(Alfred Theme)

Simply green and orange

Not so Deep Grey Large

(Alfred Theme)

Light theme with large window, red highlightning and grey text.

Deep Orange Large

(Alfred Theme)

Light theme with orange text and green highlightning.

Predawn Twilight

(Alfred Theme)

I created a simplified Predawn theme with the Twilight orange instead of the default orange. Matches the color values exactly.

Control Command Escape

(Alfred Theme)

Based on the colour scheme of Control Command Escape

Alfred Expert

(Alfred Theme)

Here's a new theme I conceived as something of an experiment.

You won't see anything you type, just a single result (you can still use the up and down keys though). For power users only!

Orange Milkshake

(Alfred Theme)

A light, clean and easy to eyes theme to match OS X overall look and feel when used with orange highlight color.

System preferences.. General.. Highlight color:Orange.

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