YOSEMITE - best design theme for MacOS 10.10 by i-NOVATiON

(Alfred Theme)

Enjoy clean design:

Yosemite i-NOVATiON Theme

  • best yosemite style
  • great typo design
  • clean and transparent design

Have fun using our theme!!!


i-NOVATiON - mobile & web applications Application development for your company. Germany, 92637 Weiden, www.i-novation.de

Standard Yosemite

(Alfred Theme)

Colors from Yosemite strandard developer colors. "Selected Menu Item" blue, "Secondary Label" gray. 

OS X Yosemite Dark Transparent

(Alfred Theme)

Install by downloading the theme and double clicking it.

Make sure you're running the latest pre-release (Updates tab in Alfred Preferences). Enable Window Blur in Appearance > Options - I set it to max.

Latest version on Github


Orange Milkshake

(Alfred Theme)

A light, clean and easy to eyes theme to match OS X overall look and feel when used with orange highlight color.

System preferences.. General.. Highlight color:Orange.

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