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Developer's favorite: creating your own cheat sheets and make them searchable!

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03 Apr 2023


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Please refer to the Github page for full documentation. Or download here.


Basically, this is a workflow that allows you to create and view your self-defined cheatsheets. "It was designed to help remind *nix system administrators of options for commands that they use frequently, but not frequently enough to remember". Alfred makes your cheat sheets searchable and enables a very quick glance at some commands with your finger tips. This project was inspired by a command-line project cheat, extended its capability and yet acts as an independent tool. If you use "cheat" before, you can safely import your old cheat sheets in one hit. If you haven't heard of "cheat", you can start accumulating knowledges by writing your cheat sheets and make them searchable.


  • To list all your cheat: cheat

  • To search and list the content of one of your cheat: cheat <sheet name>. Fuzzy search and autocomplete is supported.

  • To search in a specific sheet indexed by some keyword: cheat <sheet name> <keyword>.

  • To search across all your sheets for some keyword: cheat --search <keyword>

Autocomplete and fuzzy search are supported of course.

For more detail and a git demo, refer to the Github page please.