An Alfred Workflow

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Allows you to navigate HipChat rooms and IM's from within Alfred

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10 Mar 2017


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Alfred workflow to interact, and perform various functions with the service HipChat.

Getting started

  1. Install alfred-hipchat by visiting the download page in Github or via the Packal page
  2. Go to the web interface at, sign in, then under user preferences create an API token.
  3. Launch alfred and type hipchat_hostname, this time followed by your hipchat hostname. Press enter to save your token.
  4. Launch alfred and type hipchat_api_token, this time followed by your token. Press enter to save your token.
  5. If room switching does not work immediately, simply restart HipChat.

Currently Available Functionality:

  • hc: Let's you switch easily between rooms, and private IMs.
  • hipchat_api_token: API token to use.
  • hipchat_api_url: URL of HipChat API. Default:
  • hipchat_hostname: Hostname of HipChat instance.
  • hipchat_cache_max_age: Maximum age in seconds to cache results. Default: 180

This workflow was created in Python with the help of Dean Jackson's Alfred library and the Requests library. It is based heavily on the Frank Spinillo's slackfred.