Currency Calculator (en)

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Calculates from dollar or euro to some selected currencies (default: chf, gbp, eur, usd, try)

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10 Aug 2015


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Language: english (just the screenshots are german)

Write "$20.5" or "€ 35,27" and you get some currencies calculated by the current exchange rate. The exchange rate will be updated very often and will be cached. If you have no internet connection the last update will be used.

Click on the result to copy its value.

The default currency calculations are: CHF, EUR, GBP, TRY and USD, but you can only convert from USD and EUR to these.

You can remove or add more currencies, just edit the first line of both input-scriptfilters ($ and €):

$toCurrencies = array('EUR', 'USD', 'GBP', 'CHF', 'TRY');


The input is not so sensible. It trys to get a good value, but characters from a-z will block the calculation. You can use the european comma ',' or the american dot '.' to seperate cents from euro or dollar.