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Control Netflix with Alfred Remote

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23 Dec 2015


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Control Netflix with Alfred Remote

About this Project

With this Alfred workflow you are able to control Netflix in your browser from your mobile device running Alfred Remote. This workflow uses hotkeys and mouse emulation to gain access to the Netflix Browser UI. The mouse emulation is executed by the awesome command line utility Cliclick. The icons are from ionicons.

How to get it working / Troubleshooting

Install the workflow and add the remote page in Alfred's Remote tab. Add from Workflows/Nf Remote.

Netflix Remote sends hotkeys as well as mouse events to your browser, running Netflix. It works best in full screen mode, otherwise some commands that rely on mouse positioning might not work as expected. Multiple monitor setups are supported.

What it can do

  • Press play/pause
  • Set the volume to 100%, 80%, 60%
  • Increase/decrease the volume
  • Fast forward/rewind
  • Mute/unmute the volume
  • Skip forward
  • Press "continue playing"
  • Go back to browsing (Stop Netflix)
  • Play next
  • Enter fullscreen mode

Version History

  • 1.5 Use cursor instead of keyboard for Play/Pause
  • 1.4 Fullscreen button added, better icons for VolUP/Down + BackToBrowsing
  • 1.3 Added Rewind/Forward and VolUp/VolDown, now uses hotkeys if possible
  • 1.2 Added window autodetection through Quartz
  • 1.1 Small bugfixing release
  • 1.0 Initial release