Open Conference URL

An Alfred Workflow

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Launch the Zoom/Meet/etc. conferences for upcoming calendar events

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18 Apr 2022


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Open Conference URL

Copyright 2020-2022 Caleb Evans
Released under the MIT license

Open Conference URL is an Alfred workflow which enables you to quickly open links for Zoom and other conferencing services, based on your upcoming calendar events.


To download the workflow, simply click the download link below.

Download Open Conference URL (stable)


To use, simply type the conf command into Alfred, and you will see a list of upcoming calendar events. It does this by including all events within +/- 20 minutes of your system's current time, so even if you're running late to a meeting, the logical event will show.

The workflow also accounts for timezones and Daylight Saving Time (DST). All times are displayed in your system's local timezone.


This workflow contains preferences for various aspects of the workflow's behavior. These are defined as Alfred workflow variables, which you can access by opening the Open Conference URL workflow view in Alfred Preferences, then clicking the [x] icon in the top-right region of the window.


The conference_domains is an comma-separated list of domain names representing which URLs to check within each calendar event. This domains list determines which links are considered "conference" URLs.

The domains are listed in order of precedence, so if precedes in the list, then the workflow will prefer Zoom links over Google Meet links if both are present in a calendar event.

All subdomains are matched automatically, so having in the list will still match in a conference URL.


The event_time_threshold_mins is an integer representing the number of minutes before/after a meeting. If an event is within this duration of time (relative to the system's current time), it will be displayed in Alfred's results.

For example, a value of 20 will mean the workflow will only show events whose start time was within the last 20 minutes or whose start time is within the next 20 minutes.


Kudos to @jacksonrayhamilton for his architecture ideas and feedback on this project.