Phone Number Cleaner

An Alfred Workflow

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Remove characters from phone number (spaces, dashes, parentheses) & copy number to clipboard

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26 Sep 2015


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<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>This is my first ever Alfred Workflow contribution, and also my first ever PHP coding. I have been reading a lot and watching tutorials in order to learn PHP.</p>

<p>Now in my daily work routine,&nbsp;I usually copy then paste very often phone numbers that contain:&nbsp;spaces, dashes or parentheses.&nbsp;I have to manually clean from those characters on every occurrence.</p>

<p>I created this workflow&nbsp;to get rid of the different characters and keep the phone number clean and ready to paste:</p>

<p>- Enter the keyword <strong>phc</strong>&nbsp;followed by the number to clean. It will save the cleaned version to your clipboard;</p>


<p>- You can directly clean a number in your clipboard by just typing <strong>phc</strong>&nbsp;in Alfred. The number will get cleaned it, and saved to your clipboard.</p>

<p>I hope this helps. Thank you everyone.</p>

<p>Bash William M. Daher<br />
September 26, 2015</p>