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Convert units, currency, length, weight, etc.

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16 Nov 2016


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contact [email protected] for questions, bugs, ideas and such   try out the demo and read the full documentation at units.dnsu.ch

  There are more unit converters available. but i didn't like the lack of speed due to the feeds. Thus i redid one myself which calculates everything on your mac. It fetches new currency data once in a while.. that's the only time when a second delay might appear. And in my humble opinion it's already better than all other unit converters around. 2.png I might add more units in the future but so far it has:   - 7 units temperature  ( celsius, kelvin, fahrenheit etc. ) - 21 units on length  ( km, miles, nautical miles etc. ) - 15 units on weight   ( kg, lb, etc. ) - 8 units on time ( days, hours, years months etc ) - 18 units on digital memory ( GB, MB TB bytes, kilobytes etc ) - 5 units on speed ( km/h, miles per hour etc. - 90 units on currencies ( euro, dollar, pounds, dinar etc. )   that's 164 units     It has a nice blind rating system. so the more you choose for one answer, the more it will be likely that that one shows up in the suggestions.   Automatic updates from a currency xml file   I am working on an automatic update on the whole workflow so i could add new features while you use it. But that is not finished yet.. and i thought.. let's start sharing maybe ill get some nice feedback for possible cool ideas.   * designed the icons myself, probably could work some more on those too.       it doesn't need explanation... if you'll just start typing "5 kilometer to miles..." or something you will figure out how it works.   some screenshots: