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Random Workflows

Network Connection
Quick start to change network connection
Bitcoin Fee
Get the best fee of current bitcoin network
Run shell commands without opening a terminal
Convert Word document to PDF
Alfred workflow to convert Word document to PDF
Search Area from 市区町村名 or 市区町村コード

New Workflows

Lastpass Search
Search LastPass for usernames, sites and passwords
Remove plain background from images using the removebg API.
Hotcorners toggle
Toggle hotcorners
Kill the desired port
Emoji Wine
Find the most refined emojis

Random Themes

Material Theme
This is a flat theme based on the colors of google material design.
French Connection
Colors which remind me of France and French culture
Dark Space
###A simpel Dark Theme with a great whitespace. ####You need the Powerpack #####Made with Alfred3
This is a minor variation on my Pwnrs 2 theme I submitted. It has the blue text. I thought I would submit both.
Yosemite Neue Big
Light elegant theme with large transparent window and Helvetica Neue as font.

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