Ubuntu Ambiance Theme


Alfred Themes are imported via a URI scheme. So, when you click on the + Import Theme link, the Alfred2 Preferences window will open, asking you if you want to import the theme. There are no files to download, and, also, because of that, themes cannot be auto-updated.

This is a theme I created to mimic Ubuntu's Ambiance Theme. It also is set to a size proportional to that of Sublime Text's ⌘⇧P drop-down, so if you set Alfred to be at the top, center of your screen, it will look very similar!

Also if you like the Ubuntu Mac Theme I created, just head on over to the website below and check it out! You'll have to do some workarounds if you really want to make it decked out. ie: You'll need Obsidian Menu Bar to make the menu bar's text turn white, you'll need BarTender (a mac menu bar controller) so that you don't have a ton of app icons in the top right, etc.



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