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Alfred Outlook plugin to support search email, compose email, search contacts and so on...

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14 Mar 2019


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Alfred outlook mail search

This is a Alfred Workflow for searching Microsoft Outlook Version 16 and later.

This workflow supports searching:

  • Mail Subject

  • Mail Sender

  • Mail Preview Content

By default, it will search all three above togther, you can figure out which single item you want to search with below format:

  • olk from:[keyword]

  • olk title:[keyword]

It supports pagination.

Supports multiple keywords search:

  • olk [keyword1] [keyword2] [keyword3]

  • olk title:[keyword1] [keyword2] [keyword3]

You can use olkc to set some configuration for search:

  • olkc pagesize [number]

  • olkc folder

    • it will list all available folders in your outlook account, then select one as your default search target
  • olkc profile

    • it will list all available profiles (account) in your outlook, then select one as your preferred

Powerful Pagination:

  • 'Next Page' if there's more pages available.

  • If you are using Alfred V3, Press 'CTRL' on 'Next Page' item as modifier, then it behave as 'Previous Page'

Compose a new mail

  • olknew [optional: email address]

Search Contact (Person)

  • olkp [keyword]

    • it will search contacts by display name and email address

    • for found results

      • you can select to open contact pane in Outlook

      • If you are using Alfred V3, Press 'CTRL' on selected contact for composing a new mail to contact in Outlook

Download built version here: