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Alfred Outlook plugin to support search email, compose email, search contacts and so on...

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24 Apr 2020


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Alfred outlook mail search

This is an Alfred Workflow for searching Microsoft Outlook Version 16 and later.

olk | olkp | olknew | olkc

Command olk - Search email

This workflow supports searching: - Mail Subject - Mail Sender - Mail Preview Content

By default, it will search all three above together, you can figure out which single item you want to search with below format:

olk from:{keyword}

olk title:{keyword}

Supports multiple keywords search:

olk {keyword1} {keyword2} {keyword3}

olk title:{keyword1} {keyword2} {keyword3}

It also support get last {n} unread mail quickly:

olk recent:10

or just get today's unread mail:

olk recent:today

You can also apply some simple keywords filter on it:

olk recent:30 {keyword1} {keyword2} 

Attachment Download (Alfred V3 and up only)

After search result listed, an icon with attachment.png means this mail contains attachment, Press 'CTRL' and click, all attachments will be save to disk

Default Path to save is '~/Downloads/outlook_attachments', you can change it to your preferred folder with changing Alfred Workflow Environment Variables: * Open 'Alfred Preferences' -> Click on tab 'Workflows' -> Choose 'Outlook Search' in sidebar * Click the [x] in the top right of workflow to show the Workflow Environment Variables panel * There is a variable named 'olk_attachment_path' with default value '~/Downloads/outlook_attachments', change it to your own folder * All attachments will be save to a sub-folder named with your mail subject with 'Folder Allowed Characters' * After attachments downloaded, saved path will be in clipboard

This workflow search result supports Powerful Pagination:

  • 'Next Page' if there's more pages available.
  • If you are using Alfred V3, Press 'CTRL' on 'Next Page' item as modifier, then it behave as 'Previous Page'

Command olkc - Configuration

You can use olkc to set some configurations for search:

olkc pagesize {number}

It will change your search result list size for every page

olkc folder

It will list all available folders in your outlook account, then select one as your default search target

olkc profile

It will list all available profiles (account) in your outlook, then select one as your preferred

olkc filter {SQL like filter}

It allows to set a SQL like filter for Subject, with '%' support fuzzy matching, for example: * '%test' to filter all Subjects end with 'test' * 'test%' to filter all Subjects start with 'test' * '%test%' to filter all Subject contain 'test' * (Limitation: only allow one filter in current version)

Command olknew - Compose a new mail

olknew {optional: email address}

There are two mode of compose a new mail in plugin, activate Outlook App window mode and inline mode (If you are using Alfred V3).

If you are using Alfred V3, to use inline mode, after you type a email address after olknew command, you can choose: 'Send a Direct Quick Mesaage', and you can type a message after hint 'Message: ' then send it without activating Outlook App window.

if you are first time using this feature, and when you send a mail through inline mode, you will get a popup warning said:

A script is attempting to send a message. Some scripts can contain viruses or otherwise be harmful to your computer, so it's important to verify that the script was created by a trustworthy source. Do you want to send the message?

when you checked 'Don't show this message again', this warning dialog won't show in next time you send a inline mail.

Command olkp - Search Contact (Person)

olkp {keyword}

it will search contacts by display name and email address. * for found results, you can select to open contact pane in Outlook. * If you are using Alfred V3, Press 'CTRL' on selected contact for composing a new mail to contact in Outlook

Download built version here: