Audio Switch

An Alfred Workflow

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Switch between your input sources and output devices.

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19 Dec 2014


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Audio Switch Alfred-WorkFlows

Switch between your input sources and output devices.

To install just download (or my github) and doble click the .alfredworkflow file.

To change your input source type input (it could take a little bit to load your sources), then select the one you desire

Reponsive image{.img-responsive}

The same for the output device, just type output then select your choice

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Since I don’t have any audio device or source connected to my laptop only 1 (the default) device and source are shown.

*You need to get a Powerpack Alfred License to install extensions

Solution in case of failures

It is possible that the first time you use it you do not observe any input or output device, but do not be alarmed, it's just that you have to give accessibility permissions to Alfred. * You only go System Preferences > Security and privacy Then locate the tab Privacy in Accessibility option and you give the necessary permissions. It should be something like :

Preferencias del Sistema{.img-responsive}


The Audio Switch for Alfred has been an indispensable tool and immovable in my computer, because I can change rapidly the audio inputs or outputs to any of the devices that I have connected. It is perfect for those who like to have the computer linked to two monitors and an AirPort Express Switch because you can switch between them. You can stay listening your music on the amplifier of the AirPort Express and then just put a movie by changing the audio to the main monitor.

I hope you like this extension of Alfred and It could be as useful as it is for me and if you have questions or comments please let me know in the comments section.

bye ;)