An Alfred Workflow

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Alfred workflow for documentations

Last Updated

06 Dec 2021


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Alfred workflow for documentations.

How to

Find in a specific documentation

Keywords exist for each documentation supported by DevDocs.




Global search

Global search may be slow the first time it is called because it will download all the documentations at once.


Alfred preview

Using the "shift" key on a function will display a preview (using quicklook) of the doc.

How to configure this workflow

By default, all docs are present in this workflow but maybe you dont need all docs and just a few of them. We have added a way to configure it with cdocs:... commands

Availables commands

  • cdoc:list = List all docs you can add in your workflow
  • cdoc:add = Add a doc in your workflow, if you have already all docs, that command do nothing
  • cdoc:remove = Remove a doc in your workflow, if you haven't a doc in your workflow, that command do nothing
  • cdoc:addall = Add all docs available to your workflow
  • cdoc:nuke = Remove all docs in your workflow
  • cdoc:refresh = Refresh cache for a doc if specified or all if you want.
  • cdoc:alias = Create an alias for a documentation
  • cdoc:unalias = Remove an existing alias of a documentation


Use the packaged workflow DevDocs.alfredworkflow from packal.