An Alfred Workflow

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Funnels selected text through a filter and replaces the selected text with the result.

Last Updated

04 Oct 2015


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Funnel is based in large part on the Pipe workflow ( by isometry. I rewrote the script, changed how it worked, added in file handling and removed alias creation.

The workflow operates on text. It can process selected text or a selected file. The workflow displays a list of filters that can process the text, e.g.:

  • Base64 - decode
  • Base64 - encode
  • AES-256 - decrypt with passphrase 'X'
  • AES-256 - encrypt with passphrase 'X'
  • x509 - fingerprint
  • x509 - hash
  • x509 - certificate information
  • Change case - lowercase
  • Change case - uppercase
  • Change case - capitalize
  • Change case - title case
  • JSON - format
  • String - reverse
  • String - format US phone number
  • Lines - clear bullets
  • Lines - sorted unique lines
  • Lines - number lines
  • Lines - bulletize
  • Lines - top 10 unique lines
  • Lines - remove blanks
  • Lines - unique lines only
  • Lines - doublespace
  • Markdown - convert search links to normal links
  • Markdown - convert to HTML
  • URL - encode
  • URL - shorten
  • HTML - encode
  • HTML - decode
  • Sort IPv4 addresses


Filters can be easily added and can be one-liner shell scripts or complete script programs. Scripts from multiple sources are currently bundled into this workflow, e.g., the Markdown scripts.

The simplest way to use the workflow is to assign a hotkey to trigger it. Select the text you want to filter, hit the hotkey and choose the filter. The selected text will be replaced with the processed text. You can assign another hotkey to act on a selected file (in either Finder or Path Finder). The file will be processed by the selected filter and updated with the results.