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23 Sep 2014


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Search IMDb in Alfred with movie and TV show ratings shown as results' icons.


  • See movie and TV show ratings right in search results
  • When viewing indivial persons or titles, pressing Enter while the second result is selected (the one with a title's or person's name) will open a corresponding IMDb page in your default browser
  • Items with an ellipsis in their title (e.g. “Director...”) are active: Pressing Enter when they are selected will perform corresponding actions (like showing the information about a movie's director or the list of actors starring in that movie)
  • Items with “Press ⇧ to view” in their subtitles (Plot and Poster for movies and Biograghy and Photo for persons) can be viewed right in Alfred: Press Shift (the Quick Look feature must be enabled in Alfred's preferences) to Quick Look them
  • Infinite browsing. For example, you could view info about a movie, then view info about its director, open the list of movies they are known for, select one of them, see the list of actors starring in that movie... and then go back all the way to your initial search results using the “Back” option 
  • Icon themes to match both light and dark Alfred themes
  • Support for search term delimiters to increase performance by waiting for user to finish typing and add a predefined character to the end of the query (disabled by default, go to workflow preferences to enable)