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Searches and plays sounds

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18 Jul 2017


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An Alfred workflow to search Myinstants and play sounds.

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  • i {{query}} - search for instants with given query and play them

    • To search for instants containing "mlg", run i mlg, choose an instant, then hit enter to play it.
    • You can play custom instants by uploading them to
  • ibest - get best of all time instants and play them
  • ifavs - get list your favorites

    • To add favorties, login to Myinstants and add your favorite sounds.
    • By default the favorites are pulled from my favorites soundboard, to get your own favorites you must set the workflow environment variable favorites to your username.
  • iboard {{query}} - get list user specified favorites

    • Works the same as ifavs except you supply the username in the query so you can see favorites for different boards.
  • irecent - get 20 most recently played instants

After you've used one of the above commands to get a list of instants you can do any of the following: - Enter/Click: plays the selected instant - Command+Enter: opens the selected instant page in browser (helpful to add to favorites, download, share) - Shift: previews the selected instant page Quick Look - Command+C: copies the url to the selected instant page - Command+L: shows the selected instant name in large type