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new word document

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01 Apr 2015


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Hello everyone, So I decided to create a workflow that creates a new word document. For this workflow to work you must do a couple of things on your computer first. 

NOTE: You must have Microsoft Office 2011 installed on your Mac before this works, the Beta version of Office that just came out doesn't seem to work with Automator just yet.  

Open Automator Choose Application as new document.  Find "Launch Applications" under Actions --- Utilities  and click it to add it to Automator workflow.  Click scroll menu down until you find "Microsoft Word" If you have the Beta version of Word also you can use that one instead.  Click on Actions ---- Documents and find "Create New Word Document" and click that to add to workflow.  Save the Automator Application anywhere you like though remember the path.  Open downloaded "New Word Document" workflow.  This should bring up the workflow in Alfred Preferences.  Double select the center part that says "Create New Document" and it looks like the icon from Automator which should pull up a white dialog box. Delete original destination in there. Drag the Automator Application you just created into the white dialog box.  Save workflow.  Try it out by typing "NWD" into Alfred and it should work. 

If you encounter errors I will try and fix them if possible.