PHP Master - PHP Quick Tester and PHP Manual (2 in 1)

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Contains a PHP Quick Tester (<? md5('test')) and quick (local) PHP Documentation search

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10 Aug 2015


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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Language: english

PHP Quick Tester:

The quick tester can be called with the key "<?". After this you can input any PHP code, that can be returned! (only that, no echo/print). Write <? 3+3 or <? base64_encode('php master') or test some longer codes with:

<? $a = 3; $b = 7; return pow($a, $b);

(note: for more than one command, you will need "return")

Press enter to copy the result (good for base64_encodes or md5s).

PHP Manual (local):

This extension searches the documentation locally! You can use it without an internet connection, but you have to download the documentation once (it downloads it automatically by running this extension with the cmd key).

You can see the best results at the top, and some results, which could be interesting with a lower opacity. Removed PHP functions gets a red cross and deprecated functions an exclemation mark sign.

Write "php your search words" to start a search.

After selecting an item you will be redirected to the online php manual page.