Roam Weekly Review

An Alfred Workflow

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This generates a weekly review template for Roam to help you review what you've achieved in the past week and how you can improve.

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21 Aug 2020


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This workflow allows you to use a snippet trigger to generate a weekly review. Due to how Python's datetime module works, it should work to do a weekly review on both Sunday (the assumed end of the week) and Monday (the first day of the week after the one being reviewed).

This review has the following sections: * What did I do this week? - This is a query of all done TODO items from the week you are reviewing. * Review Questions - Questions to ask yourself as you review the previous week. * Post-Review Retrospective - Questions to find areas of improvement for the coming week.


An example output looks like this:

# What did I do this week?
  - {{[[query]]: {and: [[DONE]] {between: [[August 3rd, 2020]][[August 9th, 2020]] {not: [[query]]}}}}
# Review Questions
  - Did I reach my goal for # of hours spent on deep work this week?
  - If yes, what worked well that I can implement more regularly?
  - If no, what can I improve upon to maximize success?
  - How many high-impact items on my to-do list was I able to complete?
  - What do I want to accomplish in the week ahead?
  - What adjustments do I need to make to ensure I reach my goals?
# Post-Review Retrospective
  - What went well?
  - What could be adjusted?
  - What should I stop doing?
  - What should I start doing?