Sermon Scheduler

An Alfred Workflow

Short Description

A workflow to help schedule weekly based tasks. It is designed for sermons, but can be used for anything.

Last Updated

05 Feb 2014


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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This workflow is designed to make the scheduling of weekly sermons easier. It is based on sermon schedules, but could easily be adopted to other things as well.

Use ss:setdirectory to set the directory for sermons (or whatever you want to create schedules from a template). The use ss:seteditor to set the editor you want to use (I use Sublime). You then can use ss:create to make a new schedule by the template (you might want to edit the template first with the ss:edit and selecting the template). Then use ss:edit to edit one of the schedules or the template.

The unique thing about the workflow is that new schedule’s name will always be something like: The current year, first day of the week and the last day of the week. The ss:create gives you names for the current week and the next 4 weeks.

This works great for me being a missionary. You can change it to meet your own needs.