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An Alfred Workflow

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Creates tasks in Todoist Inbox via the TOD Client

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21 May 2024


Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard
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My primary workflow within Todoist and Alfred is to quickly capture any ideas on my mind and put them into my Todoist inbox for later GTD processing, categorization, and labeling during my daily/weekly review sessions. (I use my Todoist Inbox as my single GTD Inbox across all platforms and clients - from Email, phone, camera, etc)

I previously used the workflow, but the structured format was offputting, and it began to truncate many of my tasks after the last update (so I would get tasks in my Inbox that only contained half of what I had entered). Since my primary workflow requires fast input of a single entered string, I went looking for a new solution, and I found a great CLI app that adds tasks extremely efficiently here (

So, I wrote an Alfred wrapper for it that adds the tasks to the Inbox and makes my workflow much more efficient. I wanted to share in hopes that it is helpful - I'm fairly new at this, so I would love any feedback on the way I did it  [:)]  

Workflow can be found here (or on Packal once approved)