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19 Mar 2022


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YouVersion Suggest

Copyright 2014-2020 Caleb Evans
Released under the MIT license

YouVersion Suggest is an Alfred workflow which allows you to search the online YouVersion Bible quickly and conveniently.

The workflow will be solely supporting Alfred 4 going forward, but the latest Alfred 3 and Alfred 2-compatible releases will remain available here for your convenience.


Filtering by reference

The yvfilter keyword allows you to filter the YouVersion Bible by reference, meaning you can jump to a particular Bible reference (book, chapter, verse, or range of verses) with just a few keystrokes.

Pro Tip: Type yvf and press the tab key to quickly filter by reference (as this will expand to yvfilter).

Example queries

  • yvfilter luke => Luke
  • yvfilter eph 3 => Ephesians 3
  • yvfilter 1t3es => 1 Thessalonians 3 (ESV), 1 Timothy 3 (ESV)
  • yvfilter mat 6:34 nlt => Matthew 6:34 (NLT)
  • yvfilter 1 co 13.4-7 => 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
  • yvfilter relevations 7 => Revelation 7


  • Choosing a result will open the Bible reference on the YouVersion website

  • Choosing a result while pressing command will copy the contents of the Bible reference to the clipboard

  • Choosing a result while pressing ctrl will open a Google search for the Bible reference.

  • Pressing shift while a result is selected will preview the contents of the Bible reference without leaving the search results (new in v6.1.0)

  • Pressing command-c while a result is selected will copy to the clipboard the full Bible reference identifier, such as 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (ESV)

  • Pressing command-l while a result is selected will show the full Bible reference identifier as Large Type

Searching by content

You can also search the YouVersion Bible by content using the yvsearch keyword. As you type, YouVersion Suggest will display Bible verses whose content contains your given keywords.

Note that when using the yvsearch filter, YouVersion Suggest will only search for verses in your preferred version. To learn more about setting your preferred version in YouVersion Suggest, see Setting your preferred version.

Example queries

  • yvsearch without faith => Hebrews 11:6
  • yvsearch do not worry => Matthew 6:34


You can perform all the same actions on a result with yvsearch as you can with yvfilter.

Setting your preferred language

YouVersion Suggest allows you to change the languages used for Bible references and versions. To do so, type yvset language into Alfred, and the list of supported languages will then appear. You may then choose another language to be your preferred language.

Currently, YouVersion Suggest supports the following languages:

  • Arabic (arb)
  • Bulgarian (bul)
  • Dutch (nld)
  • Chinese - Simplified (zho)
  • Chinese - Traditional (zho-TW)
  • English (eng)
  • Finnish (fin)
  • French (fra)
  • German (deu)
  • Hindi (hin)
  • Indonesian (ind)
  • Italian (ita)
  • Japanese (jpn)
  • Khmer (khm)
  • Korean (kor)
  • Persian (pes)
  • Polish (pol)
  • Portuguese (por)
  • Portuguese - Portugal (por-PT)
  • Russian (rus)
  • Spanish (spa)
  • Spanish - Spain (spa-ES)
  • Swahili (swh)
  • Swedish (swe)
  • Vietnamese (vie)

Setting your preferred version

You may also set your preferred version (translation) used for Bible references (where you have not explicitly specified the version in the query). To do so, type yvset version into Alfred, and the list of supported versions (for the currently-set language) will appear.

Pro Tip: Type yvset v and press the tab key to quickly see the list of available versions to set (as this will expand to yvset version).

To select a version from the list of versions more quickly, you may optionally type a query after yvset version to filter the list of versions.

Example queries

  • yvset version esv => ESV
  • yvset version a => AMP

Setting your preferred search engine

You may also set your preferred search engine used for searching selected Bible references. To do so, open the YouVersion Suggest workflow in Alfred Preferences and double-click the Default Web Search object. You can then choose a search engine to set as your preferred for YouVersion Suggest.

Showing verse numbers in copied Bible content

You can choose whether or not to include verse numbers in copied Bible verses by typing yvset versenumbers yes.

Making "Copy to Clipboard" the default action

If you would prefer to just press Enter (without holding down the command key) to copy the content of a Bible reference, type yvset copybydefault yes. When this is enabled, you can still open the selected reference on the YouVersion website by holding down the command key.


This project is not affiliated with YouVersion, and all Bible content is copyright of the respective publishers.