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Manage Aria2 downloads directly in Alfred, with background notification.

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20 Dec 2017


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Manage Aria2 downloads directly in Alfred, with background notification.


Activate Ariafred

You can set hotkey to activate Ariafred after installing it, my personal recommendation is Command + Shift + A, you can also type keyword aria in Alfred to activate Ariafred

Filter by query

  1. Type keywords to filter by task name
  2. Type active / done / paused / pending / error to filter by status
  3. You can filter by status and task name simultaneously:


Overall status


  1. Type keyword stat to view overall status
  2. Press Enter on Active / Waiting / Stopped to view tasks in corresponding status
  3. Press Enter on Download / Upload to go to speed limit settings

Add a task

Type add plus the url then press Enter, HTTP/FTP/SFTP/Magnet links are supported.

It is recommended that you add a default download path in your aria2.conf, take it as an example: dir=/foo/bar, tasks added by Ariafred will be downloaded to this path.

Add BT task via .torrent files


Execute file action 'Add BT download to Aria2'

Reveal download

  1. Press Enter on a task to reveal download in Finder
  2. Press Ctrl + Enter on a task to reveal download in Alfred
  3. Click on a notification to reveal related download in Finder

Pause/Resume tasks

  1. Press Command + Enter on a task
  2. Or type pause / resume then press Enter on a task
  3. Type pauseall / resumeall will pause/resume all task

Remove tasks

  1. Press Option + Enter on a task
  2. Or type rm then press Enter on a task

Copy URL to clipboard

  1. Press Control + Enter on a task
  2. Type url then press Enter on a task

Clear all stopped tasks

Type clear then press Enter

Set speed limit and max concurrent downloads

  1. Type limit plus speed(KiB/s) to set download speed limit
  2. Type limitup plus speed(KiB/s) to set upload speed limit
  3. Type limitnum plus a number to set max concurrent downloads


  1. The default RPC address Ariafred connects to is http://localhost:6800/rpc, change via typing rpc plus your own RPC address then press Enter. FYI, Ariafred uses xml-rpc instead of json-rpc that some WebUI uses for Aria2, so make sure your RPC address end with /rpc but not /jsonrpc.
  2. The default rpc-secret Ariafred uses is empty, if you have configured your own rpc-secret in your aria2.conf you should set the secret by typing secret plus your own rpc-secret then press Enter

Start/Quit Aria2


  1. Ariafred will prompt you to start Aria2 or change RPC address if it fails to connect to Aria2, press Enter on starting aria2 to try launching Aria2
  2. Type quit to quit Aria2

Get help

Type help to view this page anytime


Ariafred will automatically check for update and prompt you to update


Background notification will not work under Mac OS X 10.8 or older system