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Simple exchange rates for alfred

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18 Dec 2015


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A simple exchange rates converter for alfred!

All the info that you need is in the site https://kennedyoliveira.github.io/alfred-rates/, so check there!

Any suggestion is appreciated, and if you feel like updating the source, you can fork and send a pull request, will be apreciated too!

If you find a bug, please, open a issue and i'll fix soon as i can.

If you find that your currency is not working or showing the correct info, please open an issue too!

Any feedback will be apreciated!

Change Log:

Version 2.4.2

Fixing issue #13 (Problem converting to VND) Added support to custom charset for Currency Names (Fixes the issues #13)

New version 2.4.1!

Updating alfred-workflow python dependency to fix some issues.

New version 2.4.0!

Added support for multiple queries with one command.

Added support for checking a conversion for many currencies, see below:

Now the currencies list and info is online, so when there are new currencies update there's no need to update the workflow to get just the currency list, it'll be downloaded.


New Version 2.3.0!

Added basic math expression:

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

New Version 2.0.0!

Check the change log and download the new version from packal or github;

Github link -> https://github.com/kennedyoliveira/alfred-rates/releases/tag/v2.0.0


Version 1.1!

Check the change log and download the new version from packal or github;

Github link -> https://github.com/kennedyoliveira/alfred-rates/releases/tag/v1.1.0